(+Full cast + Crew) Movie Synopsis: Father Stu, Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Mel Gibson, Jacki Weaver, Tereza Ruiz, Aaron Moten, Cody Fern, Malcolm McDowell, Carlos Leal 

Father Stu Cast: Mark Wahlberg acted as Stuart Long, Mel Gibson acted as Bill Long, Jacki Weaver acted as Kathleen Long, Tereza Ruiz acted as Carmen, Aaron Moten acted as Ham, Cody Fern acted as Jacob, Malcolm McDowell acted as Monsigner Kelly, Carlos Leal acted as Father Gacia, Jack Kehler acted as Curtis,

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(+Full Cast + Crew) Movie Synopsis: Memory- Starring:Liam Neeson, Guy Pearce, Ray Stevenson, Monica Bellucci, Mia Sanchez

What is the movie Memory all about?
A hitman, Alex Lewis (Acted by Liam Neeson) suffering from Dementia (loss of memory) writes on his

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(+Full cast and crew) Synopsis to the movie sweet taste of souls

…The four friends stop at a restaurant for a slice of pie. Unknown to them, the restaurant is owned by an evil woman, Ellinore (Honey Lauren) who is controlled by a demon. The demon in her always wants people to avenge their wrongdoers.Ellionore who was offended by her

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(+Full cast, crew and Synopsis) Movie Review “An affair to die for.”

Alan jumped at the first offer even though he was married and Holly too. Every weekend, both hooked up at various hotels. But one day, their pleasant weekend turned unpleasant when their spouses- Russell Pierpoint (Acted by Titus Welliver) and Lydia Alan (Acted by Melina Matthews) discovered them and punished them brutally for their infidelity.

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