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alpenliebe advert
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This advert is not relatively new, and it is not that old either. It has been in the catalogue of adverts to be reviewed for a while.

By the way, is the name “Alpenliebe” not too long and complex?

The first time I heard about this sweet was through a foreign advert on the internet; I think it is an Indian advert. I would have reviewed the Indian advert on Ogefash Photo Blog, but there was no translation for the advert, and of the few languages that I understand, the Indian language is part of them for now.

So, as I was saying, I loved that Indian advert. It caught my attention and created that “push factor” to go buy Alpenliebe sweet (It has more push factor than this particular advert being reviewed today). 

But on getting to the market, I couldn’t remember the name of the sweet. I tried describing the sweet and the wrapper to those selling sweets, but no seller had an idea of the sweet I was referring to. All they wanted to hear was the name of the sweet, which I couldn’t remember.

In essence, there may be other buyers out there like me who may want to buy Alpenliebe sweet but possibly opt for another sweet after forgetting the name of the sweet-Alpenliebe. 

My suggestion exactly; the manufacturers of the sweet should rebrand with a shorter name. What do y’all think?


The first scene: While going through a magazine, a couple is joined by their two beautiful kids (A boy and a girl). The boy goes on to hug the mother while the girl proceeds to hug the father. Next, the children are gifted Alpenliebe sweet by the parents.

Next, the father of the house brings out a large bowl containing Alpenliebe sweet and shares it with his wife and two children. In excitement, they pick one each.


What’s inside this beautiful house?

Inside, there is a very beautiful family, and in this family, there is a lot of love, and inside this love, there is Alpenliebe, and in the center of Alpenliebe, there is a feeling made with rich milk and creamy caramel.

Alpenliebe; the milk food candy that warms your heart with love.

Alpenliebe; brings heart closer.


The advert was shot using the Narrative method. In essence, those that featured in the advert just did the demonstration while someone else narrated. The narration was probably done by the lady (The one who acted as the mother) in the house.  That narration was just too wordy; there were lots of unnecessary words.

What do you all think? Well, that’s what I feel.

Moving on

So, about this advert? Hmmm, at least a frame shows that a family of four occupies the house, even though they don’t have a collective picture. The children were in a separate picture frame (It, however, seems those kids are related; perhaps the reason for the joint picture).

Their parents were in separate picture-frames, about three different picture frames.

But, if they are the ones, I think it is just a waste of finance. They should have just taken a collective picture to get a family picture frame. It is still okay to have a husband and wife frame, though. After all, before the children, it was the couple alone. 

But if they are not the ones in the frames hung up, then they should have removed the frames and returned after shooting the advert.

Anyway, I love any family advert with a picture frame to show a family is living in that house.

I must applaud them for their backstage creativity. After watching the advert, you had thought those children came out from their various rooms.


However, I had an issue with the latter part of the advert. The head of the house carried a large bowl containing Alpenliebe sweets and shared it with his family. I was not expecting each of them to take one. For Christ Sake, they had so much in the bowl; why still take one? It doesn’t convince viewers out there how tasty the food candy may be. Nothing delicious is ever taken bit by bit. They should have made the children take more than one sweet; that is the beauty of something delicious. Yes, it may seem greedy, but who cares, aren’t people always naturally greedy about good things. Just saying though.

Don’t get it twisted, I’m not teaching people how to be greedy. But then, to prove how tasty the sweet is, they should have made the children take more than one sweet. The parents may afterwards give them that scolding look.

Nevertheless, I love the face match. I love that the advert producer was able to look for four people with a similar resemblance. The small boy, in particular, looks like his father; in fact, the children look like their father. Although, there is a possibility they are not related.  

I noticed the family wearing a touch of yellow/brown/cream and blue, which, if you look correctly, is the theme color of Alpenliebe, talk about the wrapper of the sweet. Excellent, I must say. I also love the family connection; they all played their role correctly.

So does this Alpenliebe advert have the push factor in making people buy the sweet? 

Somewhat! It doesn’t have the 100% push factor. But the good thing about Alpenliebe sweet is that I have tasted it, so I can assure you that you would like it after buying it.

Meaning of Caramel

A smooth, chewy, sticky confection made by heating sugar and other ingredients until the sugars polymerize and become sticky. A yellow brown colour (English dictionary say).

Just wondering

  • Rather than do three frames for the dad and mum and one frame for the children, they would have just done one family picture-frame
  • Is this the same guy in one of the Indomie adverts? It seems so, view the Indomie advert review here (https://ogefash.reviews/2017/12/01/advert-review-indomie-noodles-terrific-advert-just-that/
  • The way that their daughter did her mouth though at the 25 seconds of the advert

Music: Just instrumentals; fair.

Costume: The advert has one scene, so there was no change of costume. Those featured in the adverts wore a costume with the theme colour of Alpenliebe (Cream/yellow/brown and blue). They were not too dressed up; but, they wore the kind of suitable clothing worn in the house.

Remark: Fair Advert

Watch the video for Alpenliebe sweet below


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