Asake’s best song from the album “Mr. Money With The Vibe” plus Lyrics and Translations

Ahmed Asake Ololade aka “Asake,” recently dropped his album titled “Mr. Money With The Vibe.”

The 12-track album is already topping charts all over the world. All the songs were produced, mixed, and mastered by Magicsticks. 

A & R by Olamide Adedeji

Photography by Soyombo Emmanuel

Design by Dayo Cyrus

Check out the 12-tracks in the “Mr. Money With The Vibe,” Album by Asake below. 

You can check out the lyrics’ meaning and lyrics’ translation of each song by clicking on them.

  1.  Dull      1 minute 41 seconds
  2. Terminator     2 minutes 49 seconds
  3. Organise 2 minutes 04 seconds
  4. Peace Be Unto You 2 minutes 36 seconds
  5. Dupe 2 minutes 43 seconds
  6. Muse 1 minute 58 seconds
  7. Joha 2 minutes 29 seconds
  8. Nzaza 3 minutes 5 seconds
  9. Ototo 2 minutes 37 seconds
  10. Reason ft Russ 2 minutes 13 seconds
  11. Sunmomi 2 minutes 49 seconds
  12. Sungba remix ft Burnaboy 3 minutes 36 seconds

Other songs

Sungba original 2 minutes 10 seconds

Omo Ope 3 minutes 26 seconds

Trabaye 2 minutes 53 seconds

Baba God 2 minutes 45 seconds

What’s your best song from the 12 tracks? If you already have one, feel free to share it with other readers.

For me, the best song is “Organise.” It is the best song rhythmically and in terms of vocal, but not lyrically. Asake didn’t kill the lyrics; he could have done better in the lyrics.

The best song in terms of lyrics is “Dupe.” Ototo and Terminator are also among the best songs lyrically and rhythmically.

What do you all think?

View “Mr.Money With The Vibe Album,” by Asake below

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