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Last Born/Ay (Acted by Abayomi Adenle) inherited his voodoos from his father. One day, his Chatty childhood friend, Damilare (Mustapha Solagbade) introduced him to his friends who were all robbers ( A chatty young boy, Damilare (Acted by Mustapha Sholagbade), who knows rich people, grabs the attention of four deadly robbers (Acted by Kelvin Ikeduba, Kola Ajeyemi, Muyideen Oladapo, and Yomi Olorunlolaye) . Lastborn joined them and started protecting the deadly group with his voodoos. Day in Day out, they robbed people causing them lots of pains. One day, Lastborn’s father (Ebun Oloyede) found out that his son was a thief, rather than scold him, he spurred him to keep robbing people.

Meanwhile, there was this Chief police officer (Acted by Murphy Afolabi) , who also inherited voodoos from his father (Acted by Yinka Quadri) but used the voodoos to protect the nation. The Chief police used his voodoos to battle lastborn. Would he defeat him? Read the full synopsis here- https://ogefash.review/synopsis-to-the-movie-lastborn/

I certainly love this movie. If you are a fan of voodoo films, you should watch the film.

There is, however, a twist in the plot of the movie. In part one, Lastborn, who bears the film’s title, was not the lead character. Lastborn/Ayo got introduced as the lead character in the latter part of part 2 of the movie after his friend, Damilare, died. His continuity was flawless.

The film has different lead roles, Damilare, Lastborn, Police Chief, and the robbers’ Leader. They were able to interpret their roles flawlessly. All the actors were of exceptional performance. The actors’ expressions were enough to glue me to the movie even without a word from them. In particular, Damilare’s expressions when he discovered those guys were thieves. Also, when his friend, Lastborn, slapped him.

I love the dialogue employed in the movie; very interesting and intriguing. I loved, in particular, all the lines of the leader of the robbers (Acted by Kelvin Ikeduba). His lines were blunt and still managed to be entertaining.

View some of Kelvin Ikeduba’s lines below:

  • Police how? For your information, this is a robbery attack!
  • We don’t tell anyone sorry here; if you cry, you will tell yourself sorry and then stop.
  • But the police are not our friend; have they built new stations after the ones we burnt. I thought they said they were on strike.
  • (1 hour 12 minutes, Part 1)
  • I told you before we left home that this guy had typhoid, but you did not believe me.
  • To whom it may concern if the owners of this house did not come out…
  • Without deceiving you, we are not cyber fraudsters; we are professional robbers.
  • I love the dialogue employed in the 35-46 minutes of the movie, part 1
  • I love the dialogue employed in the 51 minutes of the film; the first robbery of Last born in part 2
  • (1 hour 10 minutes) I will send you a message. Calm down, and dont see me as a robber.
  • Also, when Damilare said to the police, “Calm down, he slapped him, and he is on the ground. If you shoot him too, then you are dead.”

What message does the film Lastborn pass across?

  • This film conveys a vital message to viewers, especially chatty viewers, who are not sensitive to their environment and some people around them when they speak.
  • In this regard, the film points out the need to be careful when conversing to avoid bringing evil your way. Damilare’s chatty attitude and disclosure made the robbers force him to join their team.
  • The film also makes viewers see the importance of choosing right over wrong as all offenders end up in a bad way, just like Lastborn and his team.
  • The movie also passes a message on contentment. In the case of those ladies who sleep around for money, Lastborn and his team used their faces for a crime which they were unaware of. Also, Ige’s (Acted by Afonja Olaniyan) greedy act made him become a dummy for a while.
  • Wondering why the scriptwriter scripted “Crayfish” as the police chief’s forbidden food, he still went ahead to eat outside. Doesn’t he know that most foods are prepared with crayfish? I think the writer was clueless there.


I love the use of proverbs employed in the movie.

Proverbs and meanings

Dada o le ja, sugbo o ni eni ti ole gbe ja

I have a friend I rely on who can defend me.

Agbo to tedi mo eyin, agbara lolo muwa

To retreat to go and reform or be better.

A ba eleja yan, e japa

You concubine; you need to run away

He who fights and runs lives to fight another day.

At times, it is advisable to leave a difficult situation so you can go and strategize again, rather than sticking your head to it and end up losing your life.

Meaning of magun

Magun is a yoruba word in Nigeria. It is a sexual laughing magical charm.

Magun is used to set a trap for a cheating woman. An item is spread on the floor; once she crosses over it and sleeps with another man besides her husband, the man will die. He will begin to laugh from on the top of the woman, and die laughing.


Omo get inside means mummy’s boy.

Just wondering:

  • Was there a need for the thieves to have killed the mother, wife, daughter of the police chief?
  • I thought I heard only one gunshot; how come the three of them died? Did the bullet come out from the mother and enter the wife and then the daughter?
  • How come we did not see Ige (Afonja Olaniyan) in any robbery scene since his face was one of the faces used in committing a crime?
  • Why are there too many repetitions of scenes from the previous part? The film would have been better off as only parts 1 and 2!

Cast and crew for the movie Last Born

Murphy Afolabi acted as Police Chief, Abayomi Adenle acted as Last born, Ayo and robber, Mustapha Sholagbade acted as Damilare/Dare/Dre, Kelvin Ikeduba acted as Robber, Muyideen Oladapo acted as Robber, Yomi Olorunlolaye acted as robber, Kola Ajeyemi acted as robber, Yinka Quandri acted as herbalist, Lanre Aiku acted as Police Officer, Bukky Smart acted as police officer, Ayo Olaiya acted as police officer, Gbenga Olayiwola acted as police officer, Ademola Aderemi acted as police officer, Kazeem Adesina acted as police officer, Tunde Berdnard acted as Gateman, Sule Alao Malaika acted as Senator, Ronke Odusanya acted as Senator’s wife, Tayo Odueke acted as Damilare’s sister, Olaniyan Afonja acted as Ige, Ebun Oloyede acted as Last Born’s dad.

A Murphy Afolabi Direction

An Abayomi Adenle Production

Isolak Films Production.


Part 1- 1 hour 18 minutes

Part 2: 1 hour 10 minutes

Part 3: 1 hour 4 minutes

Year: 2021

If you have watched this film, feel free to drop your comment.

What part did you enjoy most? Part 1, 2, or 3?

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