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Ogefash photo blog @ https://ogefash.review (formerly www.ogefash.reviews) (Kindly click the subscription button and pick a plan) is a fully packed online entertainment blog which blogs articles in a magazine format with lots of interesting pictures. We offer a different kind of juice in Today’s blogging world. We are currently the foremost online media platform on entertainment, education and brand promotion; we relay all kinds of valuable information. We are known for in-depth reviews which span across the seven major categories we blog about. These categories include: Movie Monday, Sport Tuesday, Music Wednesday (We are the first blog to translate songs “African and non African” to English, summarize, and give detailed analysis of the songs), CPC Thursday, Advert Friday, Erotic Saturday and Religious Sunday. Kindly visit our webpage – https://ogefash.review for more information on this.

It is also the first “photo” blog in Nigeria, and most parts of the world, before other blogs started emulating our style. Ogefash Photo Blog, blogs with lots of interesting pictures.
“For us @Ogefash: No photos, No blogging!”
Ogefash Photo Blog is one of the few blogs researchers love exploring as our content aids their research work. The content which has pivoted the blog into becoming a force to be reckoned with are written by confident, zealous, extremely skilled and prolific individuals.
We are also established to pushing businesses and people into limelight as well as making glamorous, people’s events while showcasing them to the world on our platform.
Our Services Include the following
Event Coverage: Birthdays, Weddings, Graduation Ceremonies, Child Christening/Dedication, Aqiqah, House warming, Dinners, Awards, Bridal showers, Baby showers, Movie/Music making and more.
Event Planning
Writing service: Projects, Assignments, Jingles, Screenplays, Researches, Advert scripts/Copywriting, Movie/Music/Advert lyrics, meanings & translations, promotional articles, and more… 
Proofreading and editing services
Legal Services: Company incorporations, Business registrations, Consultancy, Soliciting, Litigation, and Mediations.
Business promotions
Spotlights: Institutions, companies, and products
Ogefash Match Making Agency
English subtitles
Reviews (Movies, Music, Adverts, Books)
Story telling
Language Teaching
Ogefash Show

Article categories on Ogefash Photo Blog

  1. Movie Monday: Movie synopsis /reviews, Throwback movies, Actors Biography, Interviews etc.
  2. Sport Tuesday: Everything sport
  3. Music Wednesday: Lyrics/Translations/Meanings of songs, music reviews, Musicians biography, Interviews etc.
  4. Celebrities Picture Craze (CPC) Thursday: Ogefash Photo blog Model of the week, Talk With Ogefash (T.W.O), Celebrity Focus (Biography), Stunning pictures of various celebrities, Interview etc.
  5. Advert Friday: Advert analysis/review, Paid/Sponsored Adverts, Competitions, Campaigns, Giveaways etc Vlog: Ehen wetin happen with Ogefash? etc.
  6. Erotic Saturday: Erotic contents, Career Focus, Health talks etc.
  7. Religious Sunday: Religious articles.
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