Stunning pictures of 10-Year-Old Amarachukwu Fikayo Nwabueze as she…

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Check out Stunning pictures of 10-Year-Old Amarachukwu Fikayo Nwabueze as she moves from “One-Digit,” age to “Double-Digit,” age.

Mummy and Daddy’s Birthday message to Amarachukwu Fortune Fikayo Nwabueze

Didn’t we celebrate your birthday a year ago? Yes we did!

We celebrated your one-digit age, “9.”

Today is different!

Our darling daughter, Amarachukwu Fortune Fikayo Nwabueze has officially joined the double-digit age.

Amarachukwu is “10,” Today.

Our darling daughter is a Decade old!

Kumama Papa eh! Lord be praised!

Here are 10 balloons with 10 wishes for you.

A– Abundance of all good things in life.

M– Merited and Unmerited favor.

A– A1 in your studies

R– Radiance: Inner and Outer Glow.

A– A pink cake, and a lot of birthday goodies. Hopefully in your favorite color, “PINK!”

CH– Cheerful Days

U– Unconditional Love from God and Humans worldwide.

K– Knowledge overflow.

W– Wisdom

U– Unmatched talent.

Happy 10th Birthday Leo-Born. Many Happy Returns! 

From Kemi and Raphael Nwabueze.

Mummy and Daddy Love you!

You can celebrate your loved ones here too with beautiful words and lots of pictures. 

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